Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic Services

The primary objective of the CLIU Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic is to increase the level of client functioning and provide support and assistance in the development of adaptive skills in order for the client to function positively in their family, school or community.

Services will be provided to persons with chronic or acute mental disorders that require active outpatient treatment.

Strong interagency collaboration with other mental health agencies, human service agencies and schools will exist in order to establish strong, responsible continuity of care connections.

Psychiatric Services
A Licensed Psychiatrist provides consultation, support & clinical leadership to the team. The psychiatrist will complete a psychiatric evaluation on all referred clients. Psychiatric counseling sessions may be scheduled for identified clients. The psychiatrist is responsible for the prescription & monitoring of medications. The psychiatrist will provide clinical supervision to all mental health professional staff assigned to the Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic and shall monitor all treatment plans on a regular basis.
Psychological Services
A licensed clinical psychologist will provide psychological evaluations & testing as indicated. Psychologist counseling sessions may be scheduled for identified clients.
Case Management Services
Masters level clinical case managers are involved in the initial referral & assessment process. Case Managers are members of the treatment team & are involved in monitoring effectiveness and compliance of the treatment plan. Case Managers assist in linking and arranging other needed services in order to assure continuity of care.
Individual, Group, Family - All therapy will be performed by, at a minimum, masters' level clinicians. A brief oriented solutions focused therapy approach will be utilized.
Crisis Stabilization
All necessary staff involved with a client experiencing acute psychiatric distress will provided crisis stabilization counseling using "Crisis Prevention Intervention" techniques and if necessary provide assistance with the voluntary and/or involuntary commitment process in order to admit the client to an inpatient psychiatric setting if indicated.
Key Points
Services are provided to persons with chronic or acute mental disorders or emotional disturbances that require active outpatient treatment.
Medically necessary services prescribed by a psychiatrist.
Individualized comprehensive treatment plans will be prepared by qualified mental health professionals (therapists) and reviewed and approved by a psychiatrist.
All Behavioral Health Services are billed to the families / individual insurance company first and then to their Medical Assistance Access insurance.
Parents are expected to be active participants in the therapy of their children.
All Behavioral Health Services are voluntary. Services end when it is determined they are no longer medically necessary or a more or less restrictive treatment is required.
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