Services for Children (Info for Parents)
Examples of how the CLIU Special Programs and Services Department provides assistance.
At age 3, Susan's speech is very limited. Her work with Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit staff helps her to progress in speech development so that she can attend kindergarten at her local school.
Charlie is a student in a CLIU special needs class. During high school he goes out into the community several times a week and learns job skills, supervised by a CLIU Work Experience Assistant. Upon graduation, Charlie gets a job.
Jill has severe emotional problems. Through the CLIU Mental Health Program, she gets the counseling she needs to become successful in school and at home, and attend her local community college to pursue a degree.
The CLIU Inservice Program offers Mary, an elementary teacher, the opportunity to learn how to use the computer in her classroom.
Ryan has severe disabilities. With the help of the speech, occupational, and physical therapy staffs, he learns to feed himself, walk with a walker, and use a communication board to "talk" to his family.
Gary attends the Governor's School for excellence, a program coordinated by CLIU Staff. Gary spends the summer at the University of Pittsburgh, studying international business with other high school scholars.
Nadine has a vision impairment. Working with a CLIU mobility therapist, she leans to "navigate" her local community on her own. Her vision teacher instructs her in Braille.
Julie attends a private school, but receives speech services through the CLIU Nonpublic program.
Bill has a severe hearing impairment. He is assigned to a class for the hearing impaired, and spends part of his day in a regular education classroom accompanied by a sign language interpreter.
Janet is a teacher in a local district. Through the CLIU Staff Development STRANDS program, she learns new skills that she uses immediately in her classroom to motivate students to learn.
The Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit is an Educational Service Agency, serving the schools and children of Carbon and Lehigh counties. The services listed are just a few examples of how we help children succeed. By joining together as a consortium, school districts in Carbon and Lehigh County share resources and provide quality services.
Early Intervention
Educational, therapeutic, consultative, and speech services for children, ages 3-5, with developmental delays.
Special Education
School psychology and school social work services.
Speech, hearing, vision, adaptive physical education,occupational and physical therapy.
Educational programs for children with special needs.
Mental Health Services
Child and family centered support for children with mental health problems. (Provider 33, 29 and Provider 50 Department of Public Welfare licenses).
Teacher Training
Staff development for teachers throughout Carbon and Lehigh counties.
Specialized transportation for special needs students.
Additional Services
Driver Education training for students in participating school districts
Data Processing to provide student scheduling, report cards, attendance, etc.
Instructional technology training for district staffs
Services to Nonpublic Schools including speech, psychological, and educational testing
Videotapes for district classroom use
Sign Language classes for the public
To access CLIU services, contact your local school district. To access preschool services, contact the Project CONNECT staff at (800) 223-4821 or (610) 769-4111.
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