Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS)

BHRS sometimes called wraparound services are mental health counseling services delivered in the home, school and community. They are, by design, intended to provide active, individualized treatment to a child or adolescent. A combination of treatment specialists are utilized to help the child/adolescent overcome emotional and behavioral difficulties. Family, school, and community members are often enlisted to move the child/ adolescent in a positive direction.

Services Available Through CLIU
Behavioral Specialist Consultant
The Behavioral Specialist Consultant will work in collaboration with other members of the treatment team in order to identify goals and design behavioral interventions. A written plan, which is individualized to the child or adolescent and to the family's needs, is developed. The parents are involved in the development of the plan. The consultant provides assessment, program design, and monitoring. This person will serve as a consultant to the treatment team, rather than providing direct therapy.
Mobile Therapy
The Mobile Therapist provides intensive counseling services for a child or adolescent and the family in settings other than an agency or office. Potential settings include, but are not limited to, the child's home, school, church, community center, a neighbor or extended family members' home, and any other setting deemed to be appropriate and beneficial to the child.
Therapeutic Staff Support
The Therapeutic Staff Support Workers provide one-on-one interventions with a child or adolescent. The Therapeutic Staff Support carries out the treatment plan through specific interventions, which are designed to help the child move closer to identified goals.
Case Management
The Case Manager is involved in the initial referral and assessment process. The Case Manager assists in designing strategies, formulating treatment plans, and monitors effectiveness and compliance. The Case Manager assigns staff appropriately as dictated by the treatment team.
Psychological Services
A licensed clinical psychologist evaluates the need for services and provides psychological evaluations and testing as required.
Psychiatric Services
A Board Certified Licensed Psychiatrist provides consultation, support, and clinical leadership to the team. The Psychiatrist can also prescribe medication if indicated.
Important Questions You Should Ask About BHRS
Q:  How do I refer a child or adolescent to BHRS?
A:  If the child is in school, a teacher should contact a guidance counselor or school psychologist. The school representative can speak to the parents about contacting the CLIU BHRS Department.
Q:  Who is the contact at CLIU?
A:  James J. Kochie, LSW: Supervisor of Mental Health Services.
Q:  What if I am a parent or relative of a child we would like to refer? Do we have to go through the school?
A:  No, you can contact the CLIU BHRS Department directly or your county Mental Health/Mental Retardation Office.
Q:  Who is eligible?
A:  It must be considered medically necessary for the child / adolescent to receive the service. The child must be medical assistance eligible, be covered by an MCO, or have private insurance.
Q:  For what age group are services provided?
A:  CLIU Mental Health Program provides services for children/adolescents aged 3-21 if still enrolled in school.
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